Career Spotlight: Corporate Director – TNT Magazine

What is your job exactly ? Manage the business, oversee staffing, plan strategy and growth, set financial budget, sales and marketing!

What’s the best part? Self-employed – long but flexible hours. Getting positive feedback about helping people find decent accommodation in London, finding new homes that are great value for money, being a boss, guiding and helping staff and tenants.

And the worst ? Not being able to please everyone! We do our best though!

How did you get your job? Aaron Gauthier and I created the company in 2009. We realized that there was a lack in the market for teachers and professionals looking for shared rooms. We started with one property in Clapham and now have 40 houses; nearly 1,000 people have rented rooms with Arrive Homes since our inception. Our tenants come from all over – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa to name a few. I am also a qualified teacher and went to Loughborough University for a degree in Management Science.

What qualifications/experience do you need? To teach in the UK – an undergraduate degree. To run a business like this – experience in dealing with people, business acumen, time management, self-confidence and teamwork. Multitasking is essential!

What advice would you give to someone who would like a job like yours? Be prepared to work long, exhausting hours, especially in the beginning. Understand all components of the business. Listen to customers and feedback. Recruit competent and trustworthy staff. The rewards will come if you never give up and adjust your strategy according to market needs and wants.

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