Did you hack Microsoft Office? Get 50% off from the company; check how

Microsoft Office is offered to hackers at a 50% discount! Know how to take advantage of it.

It’s no secret that a large number of people use pirated versions of Microsoft Office. Of course, the most common work tool from school students to employees even in companies, Microsoft Office is not affordable for everyone to buy its original version and this leads many to use its pirated version. It seems the company knows this very well! That’s why now, instead of launching a new crackdown on those who sell hacked Microsoft Office, the company is looking to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Microsoft calls software pirates and offers a 50% discount on a Microsoft 365 subscription. An interesting approach to the fight against piracy!

The offer was first reported by Ghacks when those using pirated versions of Office 2019 started observing and talking about a banner below the ribbon bar that offers a 50% discount on Microsoft 365, applying to personal and family subscriptions. Which gets you Microsoft 365 for an annual personal subscription for just $ 35 ( ??2,652.74) and the Microsoft 365 family for $ 50 ( ??3789.63), which can be used by up to six family members.

How does the Microsoft Office offer work?

“UP TO 50% DISCOUNT. For a limited time, save up to 50% on a genuine Microsoft 365 subscription, ”the offer says. By clicking on the offer, you will be redirected to a new Microsoft 365 landing page, where it warns users against using a pirated version of Microsoft. Threats include increased vulnerability to virus and malware attacks, identity theft, corrupted files and data loss, as well as a lack of access to vital software updates.

However, since Microsoft 365 is renewed on a regular basis, the deal may be enough to cause some customers to sign up for auto-renewal and then forget to cancel later. Customers may also be motivated by Microsoft 365’s cloud storage option, which, unlike Office programs, cannot be hacked. They can choose to renew their subscription if they use this storage space for the duration of the subscription.

Other Microsoft Office options without actually buying?

Although everyone knows that pirating is not ethically and legally correct, to escape the option of buying it, users tend to go for the pirated versions. However, other options are also available. You can get the same licensed features for free! Yes indeed. How? ‘Or’ What? Using Office Online from your web browser or you can just use free and open source alternatives like LibreOffice.