Indeed Brewing Company – Beer Manager – Beverage Industry Job Listing

The beer manager is a champion of craftsmanship; this role requires an in-depth knowledge of beer coupled with a keen eye for what’s to come. At Indeed Brewing, beer is one of our three pillars, along with people and experiences, and the Beer Manager must be deeply invested in all three. As a Production Manager, this role will have the experience to recognize the strengths of existing methods, the patient perseverance to effect change and the ability to make key decisions and strategy for the advancement of the brewery in its together. With extensive experience in a brewing production environment, the Beer Manager will bring invaluable knowledge of brewing, packaging and quality to our growing operation.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with Operations Managers (Head Brewers and Head of Packaging) and other colleagues to hire, train, mentor and manage a competent, diverse and dedicated production staff
  • Constantly improve and communicate standard operating procedures in conjunction with the Director of Business Services
  • Provide direction, development, evaluation, coaching and leadership of brewery teams
  • Ensure there is bandwidth for innovation and contribute to a diverse and well-developed range of craft beers and beverages
  • Create and communicate a clear vision of the future to inspire and drive the brewery to meet and exceed business goals
  • Own the operating and capital budgets of both breweries, achieving annual savings through cost reduction initiatives
  • Oversee the selection, construction, installation, programming and commissioning of equipment
  • Ensure that operations comply with quality, health and safety standards

Management specific responsibilities

  • Ensure that the strategic objectives and company plans that have been set are achieved
  • Analyze and monitor the progress of its employees towards the achievement of the objectives and targets set
  • Train and develop yourself and others by infusing learning into everyday leadership; places equal priority on development and accountability through motivation, hands-on coaching, regular exposure, and extended assignments; builds development plans in partnership with teammates if necessary
  • Communicate regularly and transparently with teammates at all levels, understanding that honesty and clear lines of communication are catalysts for overall team success
  • Establish vision and set direction by enabling teammates to understand how their responsibilities and actions align directly with the common goal, overall performance and success of the company; motivates and inspires while setting expectations to bring out the best in everyone
  • Be a champion of change, ensuring that a full understanding of change is shared with the team in a way that helps everyone on board


  • 5+ years of progressive experience in a similar role in the brewing production environment
  • 2+ years of leadership experience
  • Expert knowledge of the brewing process; proven ability to resolve quality and production issues
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of brewery equipment including maintenance and repair
  • Mastery of all aspects of green, dry-hopped, barrel-aged and brite beer production
  • Proven ability to communicate and collaborate with other departments and key stakeholders to deliver a high quality product
  • Interest in and knowledge of a wide range of brewing styles and products; knowledge of other fermentables is a plus
  • Focus on developing and implementing a high-level strategy to ensure alignment and achievement of all production goals
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
  • Exceptional leadership and management skills
  • Strong financial acumen and proven project management skills