Local business leader in US$68,000 robbery drama

By Paul Katanda

MANAGER of Achutz Trading Private Limited was hauled before Harare Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda on charges of stealing trust assets worth over US$68,000.

Warren Beru (29) was taken into custody until October 10, 2022 for debut.

The court heard that from March 2020 to July 25, 2022, Beru allegedly planned to rob his employer by purchasing inventory from vendors he would not enter the store system. He would then sell the shares later and convert the cash sales for his personal use.

Beru would have collected cash sales from traders but, instead of handing them over to his employer, he would convert some of the money for his personal use.

The fraud came to light when his employer asked him to account for the shares and money he had.

It was later discovered that there were no records of cash inflows and Beru also failed to account for the stock.

The court heard that instead of remitting cash sales in the amount of US$47,465 to his employer, Beru only remitted cash sales in the amount of US$10,418 and converted the remain for personal use.

An audit was reportedly carried out and found that Beru had an overall shortfall in inventory and cash sales amounting to $68,000.

Purchase invoices were discovered, which confirms that Beru made inventory purchases from suppliers and did not register in the shop’s system.

Anesu Chirenje represented the state.