NAB arrests fake Karachi company director for defrauding billions of rupees – Pakistan

QUETTA: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Balochistan, has arrested one of the directors of the fraudulent company 3-Alliance Bolan Motors (Pvt) Ltd of Karachi.

“The company is involved in a billion-rupee scam on motorcycles,” a NAB spokesman said on Monday.

NAB officials brought the accused before a responsible court, headed by Judge Allah Dad Roshan.

The judge returned Kamran Anjum Abidi to NAB custody for eight days in pre-trial detention.

The accused had been in hiding since the issuance of his arrest warrants by the Court of Auditors.

NAB sources said 3-Alliance Bolan Motors (Pvt) Ltd, led by the accused Kashif Qamar, allegedly robbed thousands of people of their hard-earned billions of rupees on a promise to provide them with new motorbikes at a profit fixed monthly.

After receiving complaints from a large number of people, NAB Balochistan opened an investigation into the scam.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the head of 3-Alliance Bolan Motors (Pvt) Ltd, Kashif Qamar and his franchise owner associated with the company had deprived thousands of people of billions of rupees.

“The management of 3-Alliance company has attracted the general public through social media and other platforms for investing their money and the company, through its franchises, has reserved thousands of motorcycles and issued receipts to people who had invested billions of rupees with them,” NAB officials said.

The company gave profits to investors for a while, but three years ago the main defendant Kashif Qamar and all the directors of the fake company suddenly disappeared after the company was liquidated.

“They deprived the people of Quetta and other parts of Balochistan of about Rs 7 billion,” NAB sources said, adding that upon complaints from people who had submitted their claims to the concerned authorities, the NAB has opened an investigation and, after completing the investigation, filed a complaint against 25 people, including the owner of the company.

So far, six defendants in the case – Nadeem Jaga, Ahmed Jan, Jalat Khan, Shadi Khan, Shahid Gill and Syed Mir – have been arrested by the NAB.

Efforts are underway to arrest the main defendant, Kashif Qamar, the owner of the company, NAB sources said.

Posted in Dawn, February 15, 2022