Northern Sky Theater welcomes Lisa Schlenker as Production Company Manager

Northern Sky Theater has announced that Lisa Schlenker will join the company as Production Company Manager and Resident Designer. Schlenker brings a wealth of experience to this newly created position, in which his duties include managing the theater’s design and production processes; organize the company’s personnel and the production budget; and manage production logistics, inventory and space planning.

“We are incredibly lucky to have Lisa in this role,” said the general manager. Dave Maier. “We’ve worked with Lisa as a designer for ten seasons, and are thrilled to have her in our company year-round. She brings a ton of valuable expertise to the role, and it will be a real gift to have her. full time.”

Schlenker worked in the Milwaukee theater world for more than three decades, in roles that included overseeing production management, prop and set design, and construction. She is also recognized for mentoring young emerging professionals. Recently hired as Production Manager of the Florentine Opera Company, Lisa also co-wrote (with Sandra Strawn) the book The Properties Director’s Tool Kit. Northern Sky’s recent design work includes: Dad’s Season Tickets, The Fisherman’s Daughters, What Happened to Karl Janko? and Naked Radio.

Schlenker said, “For me, this new adventure combines my two great loves of acting: doing stuff and feeding people. For me, there’s so much joy in hands-on design and creative work, telling stories with wonderful directors, actors, musicians. , composers and writers. I have been delighted with the growth of Northern Sky over the years that I have been a guest designer here, and seeing long term plans for our future is very exciting. It’s a future I’m excited to be a part of, and this next step feels like coming home to the arms of my family.”