Private business leader takes his own life after colleague questions his ‘character’

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In a tragic incident reported in the nation’s capital, a 41-year-old man working in a private company allegedly committed suicide after being questioned about his character. He was found hanged at his home on Tuesday morning.

An alleged suicide note was recovered from the victim. The police sentenced the victim’s colleague and the management of the company for incitement to suicide.

In her complaint to the police, the wife of the deceased claimed that she had received a phone call from a company official saying that there had been an incident at the office last night and that the deceased had sent a message that he was ending his life.

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The company manager asked the woman to check if her husband was okay. The complainant said she rushed into his bedroom and found him hanging from the ceiling fan, according to a report by Indian Express.

The victim was rushed to a private hospital where she was pronounced dead. The victim’s wife alleged that he sent messages to his colleagues saying he was killing himself because he had been insulted by other company employees.

According to the police, the alleged suicide note mentioned that he was ending his life while questions were asked about his personality by a colleague.

The deceased in his suicide note said his character was clean and no one raised questions about his character at his former company where he spent 13 years, police said citing the note.

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“Everything I do is due to allegations in power. Today I am humiliated by… allegations in meetings,” the report said, citing the alleged suicide note.