Company director fined after ‘naively’ believing security guards had licenses

A company director who employed three unlicensed security guards on a construction project in Rhyl had been ‘naive’ in thinking they were licensed, his lawyer said today. Robert Gaze Junior was fined a total of £675 for employing the three men on a construction site to reinforce Rhyl’s coastal defences.

His company ALG Security was fined £900. Caernarfon Crown Court heard today that Gaze Jnr, 38, known as Bobby Gaze, is a director of ALG Security in Colwyn Bay.

He had employed security guards to monitor a site where construction company Balfour Beatty was working on the east coast of Rhyl in 2020. Prosecutor Jennifer Brenton, for the Security Industry Authority (SIA), said the SIA carried out compliance checks on ALG Security at the Rhyl site in October 2020 and the lack of SIA licenses of three custodians, between August and October 2020, was discovered.

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Gaze Jnr told the SIA he had not vetted recruits and had “taken people at their word that they had licenses”.

He pleaded guilty to using an unlicensed security guard between August 16 and October 18, 2020 on 25 occasions, and another charge of failing to comply with any SIA requirement to produce documents or further information on December 4, 2020.

Gaze Jnr’s solicitor Ian Whitehurst said he had been “naive” in taking staff at their word and believing they were authorised.

The father of two, who served his country, was a man of good character and this case has weighed on him for some time.

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Gaze’s Jnr father, Robert Henry Gaze, has apologized on behalf of ALG Security for the only offense he also faced employing an unlicensed security guard. The defense lawyer said ‘vehement action’ had been taken to ensure this never happened again.

His Worship Judge Timothy Petts noted that the offense was at the low end of the scale because the three men saw CCTV cameras in the course of their work and did not deal with the public, but this n was “no excuse” for them to have been employed. All have faced action on their part for their role in the licensing issues.

The judge fined Mr Gaze Jnr £450 and ALG Security Ltd, of The Warehouse, Back of Rhiw Bank Avenue, Colwyn Bay, £900, for using an unlicensed security guard. Mr Gaze jnr was also fined £225 for failing to provide documents.

Also today, the court heard Mr Gaze jnr, of Hawarden Road, Colwyn Bay, awarded £1,892.78 from his offense and that he must be paid back. The judge said he has three months to do so and if he doesn’t he will serve 14 days in jail.

Caernarfon Crown Court also heard that ALG Security’s profits fell by three-quarters during the pandemic.

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